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Cylinder Cares was launched this year based on the company’s decision to make a commitment to give back to its community and the world we live in. We take care of ourselves, our family, our friends on a daily basis, so we thought – why not give back to the rest of the world? We feel an obligation to not only help ones we know, but also to help the individuals we breathe our air with and the world we live in on a continual basis.

With that Cylinder is determined to make a mark within our communities and the world by donating and volunteering our time and resources to help others.

And help them
access clean water

Here are some of the great organizations we have had the pleasure of helping since our inception in 2017:


Located in Westport, CT – CLASP’s mission is to create and support family environments for people with autism and intellectual disabilities. CLASP supports individuals with living situations with care as well as helping provide options for work (paid or volunteer) as well as community involvement.
Cylinder sponsors CLASP’s annual fundraiser to help them for continuing their support of assisting the community with onsite living for individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities. Our CEO and Cofounder also takes the time to donate and volunteer for this great cause that is near and dear to his heart.

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Warka Water

Located in Roswell, GA – Warka Water is focused on creating an innovative and sustainable solution to some of humanity’s most enduring problems such as water portability.  They have set out to make this issue less of a burden through the fusion of local knowledge and resources, visionary design combined with ancient traditions.  

Cylinder Vodka donated funds to Warka Water since our beginning in 2017. Cylinder loves working with Warka due to their exceptional plans and renewable vision.

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Located in Kansas City, Missouri – is determined in creating access to safe water which will protect and save lives.  They support over 13 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Their solution focuses on empowerment through access to affordable financing. For millions around the world, access to funds stands between them and safe water in their home. breaks down this financial barrier and brings hope and opportunity to those in need.  

Cylinder commits itself to giving back to the community and causes it truly believes in.  As a result of this Cylinder gives back 5% of every bottle sale to clean water initiatives, this year charitable organization recipient being 

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The Colorectal Cancer Alliance

Located in Washington D.C. – One of the most undetected cancers at an early age, the CCA was founded in 1999 by a group of 41 survivors along with their support givers.  They provide empowerment and support for patients of Colon Cancer along with their families and caregivers. Their mission includes raising awareness of preventive measures; and to inspire efforts to fund critical research.  

Cylinder was able to assist with donating proceeds sold at a local event, “Shop Your Ass Off” where local Connecticut and New York residents went to shop for items that would support CCA’s research and support for cancer victims and survivors. 

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The Women’s Center of Danbury

Located in Danbury, CT – the Women’s Center has been a safe haven as the sole provider of services to victims of domestic and sexual violence in the Northern Fairfield and Southern Litchfield County areas.  The Center’s key areas of focus include emergency shelter and support services, counseling and advocacy, crisis intervention, and community education, primary prevention and training.  

Cylinder was able to happily donate for 2019 to help support The Women’s Center Annual charity event which focuses it’s fundraising to continue their efforts in fighting against domestic abuse and lending support in the community to the individuals needing support as a result. 

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Ability Beyond Disability

Located in Bethel, CT and Chappaqua, NY – Ability Beyond is dedicated to assisting individuals in their community by creating groundbreaking programs in community job training and placement, supported living, and recreational and educational enrichment, we empower the individuals we serve to live full and rewarding lives.  

Cylinder was happy to be the liquor sponsor for Ability Beyond’s 2019 Enchanted Forest Gala to help raise money for their efforts of continuing to help members of the community lead a productive and effective life in society while living with a disability. 

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